Adventures in Asia 2008

my travels through India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

Beach Bums (Part II)

Posted by maudholma on 19 June 2008

After Malapascua, we went to Siargao Island, the surf Mecca of the Philippines. Despite my best efforts, all I got out of my surfing lesson was bruised knees and a bruised ego. The kid teaching me tried to blame it on my board being too short, but I took the fact that I spent more time under the water than on the water as a sign that I should stick to diving and headed over to Camiguin Island instead. The 7 volcanoes (only one of them apparently not active anymore) on the island mean that the sand here is jet black, except for a small white sand island a short boat ride away from where we live. It’s s different kind of paradise, but a paradise nonetheless!

After a few days of jumping on and off different buses and ferries from Malapascua to Siargao and then Siargao to Camiguin, we began our time here by relaxing, perfecting our tans, and completely losing track of time. We then spent a few days underwater, exploring volcanic rock formations and all manner of aquatic life. Before our final dive, a night dive, we watched a striking sunset before gearing up while looking at turtles coming up to the surface to breathe. Half an hour later, surrounded complete darkness except for our flashlights, we were diving with said turtles and even got to pet one! Definitely a sign that I should stick to diving.


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